Mobility Supplement Options

We hope we can try and explain some of our different products, as there is quite a selection to suit different needs and purses!

Firstly, there is boswellia powder and devils claw root. These are useful if there is any discomfort or soreness, and the daily amounts can be varied depending on need. Boswellia is believed to be more effective and gentler on the stomach.

Our Herbal Movement is a blend of comfrey, nettle, meadowsweet, celery seed and devils claw root. This is a blend of herbs specifically selected to support the joints. For best effects, the blend can be fed as an infusion, by soaking in a pint of hot water and adding to feed when cooled. Alternatively, the herbs can be soaked in cold water overnight. We also have a devils claw free version if extra pain relief is not required.

Glucosamine HCL and MSM are both at least 99% pure, so you are not paying for fillers! Both products are important building blocks for cartilage so help keep joints in top condition. These can be fed separately, or for best effects, fed together as a blend (Gluco/msm blend). For optimum joint care our GBM for Joints is an equal blend of glucosamine, boswellia and msm. Another alternative is our GBM Extra which has added rosehips which have recently been shown to be very useful to support the joints, or Gluco Extra if extra pain relief isn't needed.

We also have 200g of Canine GBM to support for dogs if they have joint issues.

Our Homeopathic Joint Aid remedy helps support healthy joint function and ease discomfort for horses suffering with joint issues.This is a combination remedy of Arnica, Rhus tox, Ruta grav and Bryonia.

Mobility Supplement Cost per 900g Average Daily Cost


£19.99 22p

Devils Claw Root

£20.99 35p

Herbal Movement

£15.99 71p

Herbal Movement (devils claw free)

£12.99 58p

Glucosamine HCl

£25.99 28.9p


£13.99 25p


£20.99 35p

GBM for Joints

£20.99 47p

GBM Extra

£18.99 84p

Gluco Extra

£18.99 63p