Mobility Supplement Options

We have a wide range of mobility supplement options Glucosamine HCL and MSM

are both important building blocks for cartilage, so helps keep joints in top

condition. These can be fed separately, or for best effects, fed together as a blend

(Gluco/msm blend).

glucosamine4.JPG      msm4.JPG

Boswellia powder (also know as Frankincense) is a natural aid to soundness and

comfort, and is far more effective than Devils Claw Root. Boswellia is particularly

useful for long term use, to promote soundness and comfort and to optimize blood

circulation. It is generally found to be 5 times more effective than Devil's Claw root. 

Boswellia 2.jpg    devils claw 3.jpg

For optimum joint care our GBM for Joints is an equal blend of glucosamine,

boswellia and msm. Another alternative is our GBM Extra which has added rosehips

which have recently been shown to be very useful to support the joints, or

Gluco Extra if extra pain relief isn't needed.

GBM4.JPG      GBM extra4.JPG

We also have 200g of Canine GBM to support for dogs with joint issues.

canine gbm5.JPG

Herbal Movement is a herbal mobility blend to support healthy joint function and

ease any stiffness. It is an equal blend of comfrey leaf, nettle, meadowsweet, celery

seeds and devils claw root. There is also a devils claw free version

Herbal Movement (without devils claw)

movement 4.JPG     movement (dcfree)4.JPG

Price for 900g pack  Price per Day
Glucosamine £26.99 30p
MSM £18.99 32p
Gluco/MSM £23.99 40p
Boswellia £24.99 28p
Devils Claw Root £23.99 40p
GBM for Joints £24.99 56p
GBM Extra £23.99 £1.02
Gluco Extra £22.99 77p
Herbal Movement £17.99 80p
Herbal Movement (devils claw free) £15.99 71p