Aniseed - digestive aid

Agnus castus - supports pituitory glad to normalise hormone levels for Moody mares and Riggy geldings

Boswellia - relieves pain and reduces inflammation to support the joints

Brewers yeast - good source of vitamins and minerals especially B vitamins

Burdock root - kidney support, general detox

Chamomile - calmer for nervous/spooky horses, aids digestion and supports healthy skin

Celery seeds - supports healthy joint function

Cinnamon powder - supports horses with IR resistance and metabolic issues

Comfrey leaf - 'knitbone' herb, good for damaged joints

Dandelion root - supports the kidneys

Devils Claw Root - pain relief for joints

Echinacea Root - boosts the immune system

Fenugreek powder - improves appetite and aids digestion

Finecut rosehips - detoxing and high in vitamins and minerals

Garlic granules - general tonic to help the horse’s natural immune system

Glucosamine HCl - healthy joint aid

Hawthorn powder - one of the best tonics for the heart and circulatory system

Liquorice root - demulcent action can be helpful for soothing the gut

Magnesium oxide - effective calmer, reduces fatty deposits and strengthens hooves

Marshmallow root powder -  very beneficial for the digestive system

Meadowsweet - supporting joints and digestive aid

Micronised linseed - high in Omega oils for healthy coat and joints

Milk thistle powder - liver support

MSM - joint and skin support

Neem leaf- for healthy skin and deters midges for sweet itch sufferer

Nettle - source of iron and a spring tonic and general blood cleanser

Psyllium powder - helps to remove sand and excess liquid from gut

Raspberry leaf - tones the uterus of pregnant mares and eases uterine cramps of in season mares.

Seaweed - natural source of vitamins and minerals

Spearmint - improves appetite and reduces gas in gut

Valerian root - calmer for nervous/spooky horses

Vervain - calmer for nervous/spooky horses

Yea-sacc - impoves hind-gut function to help horses get the most nutrition from their food

Requirements can be discussed by email and blends suggested, with prices for a 900g pack. Your chosen blend will then be listed on the website under your horse's name e.g. Bailey's Blend, for easy selection and purchase.

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