Herbal Movement 900g

A herbal blend of Devils Claw root, Comfrey, Meadowsweet, Celery Seed and Nettle, in equal amounts.

HERBAL MOVEMENT can help horses maintain supple joints, muscles and optimum mobility. It is a good blend for older horses who don't move as well as they used to!

Recommended daily rate = 30-50g per day

1/2 mugfull = 40g

Devil’s Claw root is a natural root that is well-known for it useful support of the joints and muscles.

Comfrey is also known as Knitbone and bruisewort and is one of the most widely used herbs to support bones, cartilage and soft connective tissue. It is an excellent source of vitamin B12, and is useful for bruising.

Meadowsweet helps aid mobility, joints and digestion.

Celery seeds are useful for joint stiffness and are particularly good as a digestive tonic. They have a warming effect which will help if the horse is run-down or chilled. Can also stimulate appetite.

Nettles are a rich source of vitamin C, iron, sodium, chlorophyll, protein and dietary fibre. This makes them ideal as a spring tonic and general blood cleanser and conditioner.

Feeding as an Infusion

Many herbs, including Herbal Movement, can be fed in their dried form, but this may mean that it sometimes takes a while for full benefits to be seen.

There is a way to speed up the effect! By simply making an infusion with the herb, the active constituents are made more readily available and are more easily absorbed by the horse.

Ideally, add a ½ litre/pint of boiling water to the herbs to be given that day. When cooled, the whole infusion (including the herbs) can be used to dampen down the horses feed. If access to a kettle is not practical, soaking overnight in cold water will also help to release the active constituents. 

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