GBM plus Mag Ox 900g (Glucosamine, Boswellia, MSM, Mag Ox)

GBM for Joints 900g (Glucosamine HCl, Boswellia, MSM, Mag Ox)

An equal blend of glucosamine HCL, boswellia, MSM and magnesium oxide

GBM is a 4-in-1 joint supplement! Great value as you are getting 3 quality joint supplements and a source of magnesium at effective daily quantities.

This combination of optimizes comfort and soundness when stiff joints affect the older horse or pony.

Glucosamine HCL is the form in which it is best absorbed and made useful in horses (the Sulphate version is best suited to people and smaller animals)

Boswellia is also known as Frankinsence essence and helps to support horses with mobility issues.

Pure 100% MSM is an organic form of sulphur giving nutritional support for smooth joints, muscle comfort, strong ligaments and tendons, maximum flexibility as well as an optimum immune system.

Magnesum is the main ingredient in most commercial horse calmers. Lack of magnesium can cause nervous and excitable behaviour. In these cases, supplementing magnesium can have a calming effect. However, magnesium is NOT a sedative. horses can show nervous/excitable behaviour for many different reasons including breed, age, exercise, turnout, training, sex, feed, etc. However, IF a lack of magnesium is having an effect on their behaviour, a magnesium supplement can have a dramatic effect. Magnesium is an important nutrient and can help the growth of strong hooves. It has also been shown to help reduce the build-up of fatty deposits.

This is an equal blend, so that when feeding 40g daily, you are providing 10g of glucosamine HCl, 10g of boswellia, 10g of MSM and 10g of 90% magnesium oxide

It has been found that these four ingredients mixed together are far more effective than given singly.

Because they are natural ingredients, this supplement can be used on a long term basis and also because they are not on the list of prohibited substances under current rules may be safely used in that respect.

Feeding Guidelines

25-30g daily for pony
30g-40g daily for horse

Divide between two feeds if possible  

Our Price: £ 16.99

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