1.8kg Herbal Slim


Herbal Slim is a blend specially chosen to provide your horse with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals for health and well-being.

It is particularly beneficial for those horses that have to watch their waistline (!) or those prone to laminitis.

90% magnesium oxide source of Magnesium that is often deficient in grazing pastures and therefore a horse’s diet. Magnesium is the main ingredient of many calmers on the market, and has been shown to be helpful in reducing fatty deposits, such as cresty necks.

Seaweed and rosehips Natural herbs that complement each other to provide your horse with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals for strong hooves and general health and well-being

Spearmint Good for general digestion, helping the digestive system get the nutrients the horse needs from its food.

Yea-sacc Enhances the activity of fibre digesting bacteria in the hindgut and increases fibre digestibility. Therefore, more efficient use of the vitamins and minerals derived from the forage portion of the diet is noted when horses are maintained on Yea-sacc

Yea-sacc is great for digestion and helps to stabalize the hindgut bacterial populations, which can reduce the likelihood of harmful toxins being produced.

Feeding Guidelines feed 60-80g per day, depending on the size of the horse/pony.

One 80g serving (for larger horses) provides:

20g 90% magnesium oxide
25g Seaweed

15g Rosehips
10g Spearmint
10g Yea-sacc 

Our Price: £19.99

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