Herbal Health 900g

Herbal Health is a blend of natural herbs that complement each other to provide your horse with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals for health and well-being. Each of the three ingredients are human food grade, so are of the highest quality. This blend is ideal for horses not needing any extra oil or protein in their diet, as many vitamin and mineral supplements contain linseed or cod liver oil. The combination has proved to be very good for growing healthy hooves - great for barefoot horses or those with poor quality feet!

SEAWEED (Dried Kelp)-

A rich source of organic minerals and vitamins, seaweed is especially rich in iodine. It has been used throughout history as a source of micronutrients.

Seaweed is a 100% natural supplement. It is particularly useful for horses on restricted grazing, or not receiving the amount of hard feed necessary to provide a full range of vitamins and minerals.


Rosehips are a very useful anti-oxidant, and are often known as a ‘blood tonic’. They are very good at helping to cleanse the body of toxins, supporting the kidneys, liver and circulatory system.

They are nutritionally important for healthy hooves, bones, skin and coat. They are a very rich source of vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavins, niacin and vitamin K. These help to support the immune system particularly useful for horses recovering from injury or illness.


Mint has often been used to make feeds more appetizing for horses, and it certainly does that! I wasn’t planning to feed my horses spearmint, but once I had smelt it, I couldn’t deny them!!!

By their reaction, its tastes as good as it smells! Its ideal, for horses like my Rummi, who get small feeds due to being good doers, but you also want to give them a range of supplements. The spearmint makes them lick the bucket clean, without having to add extra nuts/ mixes to encourage them!

It is also very good for general digestion, helping the digestive system get the nutrients the horse needs from its food.

Herbal Health is made to a determined ration to provide the right balance of the 3 supplements.

Feeding 50g daily, provides 25g seaweed, 15g rosehip and 10g spearmint

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