Mycosorb A+ Equine 900g

  • Mycosorb A+ Equine

Mycosorb A+ by Alltech is a toxin binder based on a specific strain of yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, rich in glucans that have been shown to bind a broad range of mycotoxins including aflatoxins. This toxin binder does not bind minerals unlike clay based toxin binders.

Aflatoxins are known to affect liver function while ochratoxins are a group of potent nephrotoxins, contributing to kidney damage. Fumonisins are known to affect the liver as well as immune system. 

If you are concerned about your hay being mouldy or are experiencing a fungus outbreak in your pasture consider a toxin binder. Paspalum ergot fungus or certain strains of endophyte perennial Rye grass are examples. These plants and others are renowned for causing photosynthesisation, signs are sunburn and blistering on pink skin on faces and pasterns (generic term, greasy heel or mud fever). When an animal consumes a plant or chemical containing these pigments (e.g., polyphenolic), the pigments circulate to the skin where they are exposed to UV light, fluoresce and cause oxidative injury to the cells of the skin. Liver damage in a horse might not be noticed until the animal develops photosensitisation.

Mycosorb has other advantages, including:

* A low effective inclusion rate

* Broad spectrum reach and component broad spectrum reach

* High efficacy

* Binds mycotoxins without binding nutrients

* Excretion of toxins via the faeces

* Supports recovery of the immune system

There are no fillers or artificial ingredients.

Safe for laminitic prone or insulin resistant (IR)/elevated insulin horses.

Feeding rate

According to the manufacturer, Alltech:

High rate for 500 kg horse – 20 g per day (4 g per 100 kg)

Standard rate for 500 kg horse 10 g per day (2 g per 100 kg)

Mix with feed. Ideally divide amount between meals if feeding more than once per day.

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