Herbal Hormonal 900g

Herbal Hormonal is a blend of three herbs/supplements, Agnus castus, Brewers yeast and 90% purity magnesium oxide.. This blend can help horse whose behaviour is affected by hormone levels, and well as supporting any magnesium deficiency that can cause vervous behaviour. The brewes yeast provides a good source of B vitamins which can also have a calming effect.

AGNUS CASTUS: Helping a mare to balance her hormones and can be helpful for 'moody’ or stroppy’ mares – you know one if you have one! Agnus castus has been used and recommended since the fourth century BC for helping women.
Can work similarly for riggy geldings that show stallion-type behaviour e.g. aggression, mounting etc.

BREWERS YEAST: Brewers Yeast is the perfect natural source of a wide range of B vitamins, It has long been a favourite of horse keepers. Brewers Yeast is effective against the effects of stress, behavioural problems, anxiety, mareishness and travel stress. Its high quality amino acids encourage a healthy population of gut flora, ensuring better hindgut digestion. It also provides copper and zinc, and is particularly useful for hard working horses, lactating mares, anxious and problem horses. It can help to improve feed palatability and aid in improved digestion of fibre in the horses diet. As it is high in Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), it can help to calm nervous & highly strung horses.

90% MAGNESIUM OXIDE: Magnesium supplementation has been advised by veterinary surgeons with excellent results both in America and the UK. The supplementation serves not only to re-balance the diet in low magnesium areas or with high cereal diets, but also to help in combating fat deposition in overweight animals (cresty necks). Magnesium is also often used to help tense, nervous, highly strung animals due to it’s involvement in the function of excitable membranes.


Feeding Guidelines: feed 30-50g daily

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