ConnellThyme Blend 900g

This is a 900g blend containing:

200g linseed
100g seaweed
100g rosehips
100g 90% magnesium oxide
50g brewers yeast
50g yea-sacc
50g glucosamine
50g boswellia
50g MSM
50g cinnamon
50g agnus castus
50g spearmint

One daily amount 180g would provide: 40g linseed 20g seaweed 20g rosehips 20g 90% magnesium oxide 10g brewers yeast 10g yea-sacc 10g glucosamine 10g boswellia 10g MSM 10g cinnamon 10g agnus castus 10g spearmint (This would be for a 15hh horse so would be less if your Highland Pony is smaller) One 900g pack would cost £10.99 and would last 5 days. You could feed Herbal Lami Support alongside this, or I could add milk thistle to the blend.

Our Price: £ 10.99