Sweet Itch Aid Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathic remedy to help support the Sweet Itch sufferer.

Traditionally used for horses who suffer from the allergic reaction to midges (50g).

An homeopathic combination of Sweet Itch (Culicoides mig.) and Caladium.

This tried and tested remedy, given daily helps reduce the misery caused by the Culicoides midge.

Sweet Itch is an allegic skin condition provoked by bites from the Culicoides midge. Although commonly indentified, not all itches are attributable to this cause and other factors might be implicated, for example pollen allergy, or reaction to shampoos.

Culicoides Midge
A remedy made from the midge, given to true cases of sweet itch on a daily basis can help to calm the problem.

Reputed to repel flies and also assist in their bites.

Start giving about a month prior to exposure to the midge and continue throughout the midge season. If your horse is already affected give 2 tablets every 3 hours up to 6 doses per day for 2 days. Then reduce to 2 tablets three times per day until improvement is seen. Once improvement is seen give 2 tablets per day.

Also recommended to feed our Herbal Repel and Soothe blend.

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