Herbal Veteran 900g

Herbal Veteren is a blend of four herbs/supplements, Agnus castus, Milk Thistle seed power, Yea-sacc, Micronised Linseed and 90% purity magnesium oxide. This blend is useful for the older horse, especially to support Cushings sufferers.

Agnus castus helps to support the pituitory gland to normalise hormone levels, which is particularly beneficial for cushings sufferers.

Milk thistle seed powder nutritionally supports correct function of the liver.

Yea-sacc helps to stabalize the hindgut bacterial populations. A healthy, stable hindgut is imperative for horses to maintain in good condition. Yea-sacc enhances the activity of fibre digesting bacteria in the hindgut and increases fibre digestibility. Therefore, more efficient use of the vitamins and minerals derived from the forage portion of the diet is noted when horses are maintained on Yea-sacc.

Micronised linseed is rich in omega 3,6 and 9 oils and is excellent for weight gain and give a shiny coat! Its also a good source of copper, phosphate, selenium and magnesium.

90% magnesium oxide helps to strengthen hooves.

Feeding Guidelines: feed 30-50g daily

Our Price: £13.99

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