Herbal Repel and Soothe 900g

Herbal Repel and Soothe is an equal blend of natural herbs that compliment each other to help repel midges and flies, and soothe and support the horse's skin, relieving any itchiness. It is a blend of brewers yeast, garlic, neem and clivers.  This blend is particularly useful for horses that suffer with sweet itch.

Brewers Yeast

Brewers yeast is a natural source of a wide range of B vitamins, and also helps to deter midges and flies.


Garlic is one of the original horse supplements and its health benefits are widely known. It is recommended as a general tonic to help the horse’s natural immune system.

Neem Leaf

Neem is widely used in India to help support healthy skin and coat, it also helps to repel midges and other flies.


Clivers is an excellent herb for supporting and toning the lymphatic system. It is rich in silica and as such will strengthen the coat and hair.

Feed 30-50g daily

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