Herbal Digest (mint free) 900g


Herbal Digest (mint free) is a blend of natural herbs that complement each other to help your horse's digestive system. It is an equal blend of chamomile, aniseed, fenugreek and liquorice. For best effect, feed as an infusion (see below). 


Chamomile tea has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to promote calm and a good night's sleep. It is very useful in this capacity for horses and in addition is very useful for indigestion, acidity, and wind.


Digestion support and useful when gassy gut and flatuence are present and can help settle the digestive system.


Fenugreek is a useful supplement to help your horse put on weight and regain condition, giving a new shine to the coat. Combines well with garlic and rosehips as a liver tonic, and can also assist with stomach comfort. Seeds can be used in geldings, mares and stallions but do not use in pregnant mares even though it is useful to support milk production once a foal has arrived.

Fenugreek can be used to support milk production and general condition. This herb is particularly good when combined with garlic, as the two herbs complement each other, helping to release all their potency.

Fenugreek's chemical composition is very similar to that of cod liver oil. The fenugreek seeds are nutritious being 8% oil and 20% protein, containing vitamins A, B and C as well as Vitamin E, and rich in calcium. It is particularly good for poor-doers to help them build muscle tone and top line.


Liquorices's demulcent action can be helpful for soothing irritated digestive tracts.

Feed 30-50g daily, depending on the size of the horse

Feeding as an Infusion

Many herbs, including HERBAL DIGEST, can be fed in their dried form, but this may mean that it sometimes takes a while for full benefits to be seen.

There is a way to speed up the effect! By simply making an infusion with the herb, the active constituents are made more readily available and are more easily absorbed by the horse.

Ideally, add a ½ litre/pint of boiling water to the herbs to be given that day. When cooled, the whole infusion (including the herbs) can be used to dampen down the horses feed. If access to a kettle is not practical, soaking overnight in cold water will also help to release the active constituents.

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