Dandelion Root 900g

Rich in vitamins A, B, C and D, higher vitamin A content than carrots, rich in potasium magnesium and calcium. Useful to support correct liver and kidney function.

Also see my Herbal Detox for a general detoxing herbal supplement.

Feeding guidelines: Feed 20g a day

Feeding as an Infusion

Many herbs, including Dandelion Root, can be fed in their dried form, but this may mean that it sometimes takes a while for the full benefits to be seen.

There is a way to speed up the effect! By simply making an infusion with the herb, the active constituents are made more readily available and are more easily absorbed by the horse.

Ideally, add a ½ litre/pint of boiling water to the herbs to be given that day. When cooled, the whole infusion (including the herbs) can be used to dampen down the horses feed. If access to a kettle is not practical, soaking overnight in cold water will also help to release the active constituents. 

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